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40º 38' 58.41'' N , 3º 58' 4.09'' W

These are our coordinates, where we met. 4 years ago, after more than 2 decades together, we had to distance ourselves (learning English, Erasmus or even a sabbatical year). In that adventure, we wanted to carry with us something that would remind us and keep us together despite the distance, and so the first Latitude bracelet was born. A year later, after seeing the great interest that our bracelets had generated wherever they went, we decided to create Latitude, with a clear objective.

Our objective

Latitude bracelets is born to materialize the memories and moments the most special moments, the ones you will never forget. We put all our efforts into making it possible for you to carry that magical moment with you always and that a simple glance at your wrist can teleport you and make you connect with that person, place, moment...

That place where it all began, where you met or where you have spent the summer and will continue to do so for the rest of your life?

That date that marked a before and after in you, when your life changed completely...

That pet, or rather faithful friend, who brightens up our days just by his greetings, even those who are no longer with us and we will never forget...

That song, which seems to have been composed with you in mind, or that other song that was playing the first time you danced...

We are delighted to be able to make something so special, and we take great care to make it almost as cool as it means to you. We use natural wood prepared by the best local carpenters (Madrid) and each bracelet is handmade with attention to detail. Before going to market, we test different combinations of materials, choosing for the final version those that you can wear with the peace of mind that they will withstand your lifestyle, whatever it may be. We never take them off, water, beach, sweat? And when they get a little bit older... They're even cooler!

Bracelet after 2 years 24 hours / 7 days a week


The Latitude spirit is strongly linked to adventure, to the desire to discover new unexplored places. There is no need to describe the feeling of arriving at that hidden cove or that steep summit and finding plastic bags or cans along the way... For this reason, from day one, we have been reducing the plastic in our products as much as possible, and today, we are proud to say that the only synthetic material in our products is nylon thread (for reasons of durability compared to natural materials). This thread is fully recyclable, so if you are the first person to part with one of our bracelets, please use the yellow bin!

Similarly, throughout the supply chain, wastage of any materials is minimised, reducing waste and following recycling guidelines.

We also collaborate with the shelter "De cero Adopta Uno", by donating a percentage of our profits. Whenever we can get away, we also help by walking and playing with them. For them, every little bit counts!


Álvaro -

Industrial Engineer ️

It is responsible for the design of our products and their subsequent manufacture. It has created a process based on automation that will ensure you receive your personalised product in the blink of an eye.



He manages all the orders, controlling every change or incident that may arise. He is behind the customer service, he attends you by all means and at any time, we have locked his mobile phone to his arm to minimise the response time.